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Vision Strategy Management, LLC. is An award –winning organization that believes in building sustainable businesses and teams who SUCCEED!

Vision Strategy Management, LLC. is a strategy management company that is focused on pioneering strategic platforming to ensure success for our clients. It is a company that is focused on bringing vision to life. We believe in driving people & process performance to enable greater productivity & productivity for our clients. 

The organization also provides services from personal/business development consulting, training & development, and most notably its systematic and copywritten approach to strategic framework development called: “Road-mapping for success”. Encompassed within the curriculum is the strategic framework entitled: “5S for business success” which is revolutionizing the way businesses set themselves up for success. 

Vision Strategy Management prides itself on being a head of the curve. We are not ‘trend-gazers’ but rather trailblazers. We forgo going with the flow to create unique platforms, trainings, and engagements that are specific and personalized for each of our clients where appropriate.

Why Vision Strategy Management

The most interesting thing about our organization is that we take a very personal approach to our strategy management process. We take an intentional approach to provide individualize programming and planning to our clients to reinforce the need for success. We believe that when we understand the core of the organization and can identify a clear definition of why the organization exists, then can we fully collaborate to pave a successful future for our clients. Although we pride ourselves in the ability to pull out multiple aspects to create a framework or passageway for our clients, we provide more value than just strategic planning in that we help our clients from initiation of the concept, strategy and framework development through to implementation and execution. What you can expect from us is a clear pathway of how to convert the big picture strategy for your business into tangible executional steps that drive results. Below is what you can also expect of us:

Outstanding Service

Detailed planning

Individualized service


We help our clients with recognizing and associating valuable application within the community to ensure greater impact.

We are a strategy management organization, not to be confused with a strategy planning organization.

We help our clients to see beyond the here and now to ensure long lasting impact.

We help our clients create definition to their vision in a way that is easy to execute.

We help our clients develop management system to ensure sustainability through the years regardless of market volatility that the business may encounter

As part of our expertise, we help our client take their vision from concept to innovation and then into development.

We Value Our Partnerships

Since its conception in 2013, the organization has serviced numerous clients in various industries and counting. In 2018, the organization partnered with both the Nashville Business Incubation Center and Pathway Women’s Center to provide training, mentoring and coaching to Women in Business. 

The organization also pioneered the one of a kind, BRIDGE, The Transitioner’s Retreat, a retreat style conference that drew attendees from over 6 states. Vision Strategy Management, LLC., under the direction of Charelle Lans has provided training and development to clients at companies such as, Mars, Inc., Jack & Jill of America, Inc., CVS, Pathway WBC, NBIC, Inc., to name a few.    

Our Founder has been featured in a number of television, radio, and print organizations such as the Tennessee Tribune and Today in Nashville.

Learn more about our Founder

Charelle Lans is the Lead vision strategist for Vision Strategy Management and has been leading development & empowerment for professionals, small businesses and individuals for over 11 years. She has worked with various organizations transforming and reshaping their strategic vision and direction to create lasting change and impact. Charelle has served in the space of professional development for individuals inspiring them to live out their potential.

As a lead strategist, Charelle is committed to providing services beyond the deliverable and is driven to inspiring action and depth to create an impact enough to help clients with developing a legacy that positively affects all who come in contact with their business.  

"Vision strategy is more than a plan. It is a pathway to developing a profound legacy that promotes positive resolution & change throughout history. " ~ Charelle Lans

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver outstanding results in record time.

"...I’m certain my updated resume and cover letter put me into position for me to stand out against my fellow co-workers.  Therefore, I was very impressed with the work that was done by Vision Strategy Management.  I would most certainly use this company again.”

~Taras H., A Very Satisfied Customer

V[ision] S[trategy] M[anagement] has helped to significantly increase my Professional and Business Strategy’s and Management for all my companies. Applying all their practical points and principles has lead to greater efficiency in hiring, staffing, talent acquisition, contracting, and greater ROI for investors and sponsors. I highly recommend their ongoing consultation services as well.

~Victor Chatman, A Very Satisfied Customer

By working with VSM, you are guaranteed to walk away with a customized outline that will position your vision for successful years of clarity, team unity, clear goals, and confidence to move forward. Ultimately VSM will help you transition from a vision’s revelation…to realization!

~Kimberly Brownie Vaughn, A Very Satisfied Customer

I had a wonderful experience with VSM. My initial consultation was amazing and insightful. Charelle gave the tools and information I needed to make the first step towards my goal of being a small business owner. She helped me set goals and build a business plan and strategy. I highly recommend Vision Strategy Management for all the help you need to get started and fulfill your dream of being a business owner!

~Justin D. Davis, A Very Satisfied Customer

Good company with a great work ethic. Check them out

~Asquith Lucious, A Very Satisfied Customer

Jack and Jill

Florida State





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