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Vision Strategy Management, LLC. is a company that is focused on bringing vision to life.  We believe in helping our clients clarify the vision of their organization and manifest its purpose from start to finish. Vision Strategy Management, LLC.  is a strategy management company that is focused on pioneering strategic platforming to ensure success for our clients.

Vision Strategy Management prides itself on being a head of the curve. We are not ‘trend-gazers’ but rather trailblazers. We forgo going with the flow to create unique platforms that are specific and personalized for each of our clients where appropriate.


Greater Impact

We help our clients with recognizing and associating valuable application within the community to ensure greater impact.


Defining Vision

We help our clients create definition to their vision in a way that is easy to execute. 


Management Systems

We help our clients develop management system to ensure sustainability through the years regardless of market volatility that the business may encounter.

Greater Impact

We are passionate about helping our clients with recognizing and associating valuable application within the community to ensure greater impact.


“Vision strategy is more than a plan. It is a pathway to developing a profound legacy that promotes positive resolution & change throughout history.”

Charelle Lans
CEO & Lead Strategist

We Love Our Customers 

  • It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge Vision Strategy Management for the outstanding services I received recently.  I was in dyer need of a resume make over due to fact I was still using a resume from 1988.  Please don’t laugh at me to hard.

    After the finish product for my resume and cover letter, I was pleasantly surprised on how professionally it read and formatted.  The resume matched my skills and experiences, which such impact I was recently promoted to the position of Police Lieutenant. 

    I’m certain my updated resume and cover letter put me into position for me to stand out against my fellow co-workers.  Therefore, I was very impressed with the work that was done by Vision Strategy Management.  I would most certainly use this company again.

    Taras H.
    Taras H. A Very Satisfied Customer
  • I would like to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to Vision Strategy Management for an outstanding job of recreating my resume’.  After having an extensive session of analyzing my antiquated resume’, I realized that this service transitioned from being a want to a need.  Although I had some up to date information, the format was totally outdated, jumbled, and non-eye catching.

    The process was very welcoming, timely, and organized.  Even though I was being proactive in updating my resume’, shortly before the completion of the process, a new position became available to me.  Once I had the finished product of my NEW resume’, I submitted it with full confidence and learned a week later that I had been chosen for the position which is two levels above my classification.  Without the highly professional services of Vision Strategy Management, I wouldn’t have been confident as to being candidate for my current /new position.  The only thing that’s a negative in utilizing this service is the fact that I waited so late to make that initial call for service.  I give this company an A-1 rating and will continue to refer them to professionals in my path.

    Thank you VERY much,

    Andre' R
    Andre' R Customer
  • I recently hosted a retreat for my company You Are Singled Out. Charelle Lans served as the key vision strategist and organized the flow of the retreat. Charelle infused thought provoking exercises that had us broaden our personal perspective and our collective impact, all while uniting with nature. I was grateful to be away from the busyness of the city and to dive head first into the business and who are dedicated to serve. She asked questions and pinpointed areas of improvement and unique ways to grow our company reach and revenue – at live events, across social media, and even future products to embark on. The open discussions helped us realize where we needed to revise time management and where to strengthen the foundational structure of the company.

    Charelle created a space for serious conversations as well as group activities that sparked laughter – which culminated for an unforgettable time! But most of all she laid out a customized outline that will prime us for a successful year of focus, teamwork, clear goals, and momentum.

    If you are seriously wanting someone to come onboard with keen ears to hear, a heart to excel, and a drive for outside the box tactics, you need not look any further. When you know you’re an eagle meant to soar, you will make the investment of spending time with a mountain dweller like a vision strategist.

    Charelle is one among a few with the ability to get it done. Therefore I highly recommend investing in her services and strategies that will be tailor made for your company. Invest and get ready for the best!

    Kimberly CEO of You Are Singled Out
  • I would be remiss not to acknowledge how engaging and professional Vision Strategy Management, LLC was during the entire experience. For me Vision Strategy Management single-handedly took engagement, congeniality, and professionalism to a higher level. The key defining moments/phases were as follows: Get-to-Know Sessions Resume writing Interview preparation The Get-to-know sessions were thought provoking which enabled me discover what my strengths are and embrace my areas for improvement. The resume writing taught me how to use accomplishment statements as the foundation of an effective resume. Through the interview preparation session I learned the concept of telling stories, how to apply the concept to the accomplishment statements in the resume, and how to execute the concept in the interview. An old Chinese proverb states “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Yes practicing the steps laid out by VSM played key component in my performance during the interview process, which resulted in securing my first leadership position as a Manager. Vision Strategy Management also taught me how to fish. Highest Regards, DB

    Darrien Brown
    Darrien Brown Customer
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Business Planning Strategies

We help our clients develop management system to ensure sustainability regardless of market volatility that the business may encounter

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